We spend most of our activities on Christmas trees, and we have been specialists in the field for more than three decades now. ​

We grow firs starting from the seed, and we can provide different kinds of tree species, from the smallest sizes up to 65 feet high. They come for the most part from our production. ​


We always make a professional selection according to your choice of tree qualities. 










Our Christmas tree stands are characterized by their ease of use but also by their prices. We produce our stands out of recycled plastic, and they are reusable and are suitable for all types of firs ranging from 2.5 to 8 feet.

One of the Christmas tree stands significant features is its water reservoir. As with flowers when cut, fir trees drink a lot of water and our Christmas tree stands reservoir allows the trees to keep their freshness during the Christmas season. 

Watering your Christmas tree will make spruce trees avoid a massive loss of needles and branches, and Nordmann trees will not sag so fast.


After cutting the trees and before shipping them to customers, we bring the trees to our warehouse for a final touch up. We label them, trim their base to requested sizes, net and palletize them. 


We can palletize your Christmas trees for easy loading and unloading.


Tree labeling can be done using color labels, gencodes, or your labels if you prefer.


Our team can load your Christmas trees when necessary. Different ways to package them are possible: in bulk, on pallets, or in container boxes. 
We can also arrange transportation to the final destination of your trees anywhere in Europe.


As with all our fir trees, we want to ensure that our large trees reach you looking their best.

We conceived and developed a netting machine that allows us to net large trees where they were cut and not along a road where it is usually the case.

We avoid this way increasing the risk of damaging their branches.

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